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Desert Extremes

Joshua Tree National Park is made up of two deserts that span Southern California. One imagines the desert as a sunny and warm experience, but reality paints a different picture. During the summer and fall, monsoons can form leading to dangerous conditions such as flash floods. Extreme heat, humidity, and a lack of shade can be disorientating. Winter months can drop below freezing. Hail and snow are not unheard of in the high desert. Be sure to account for these conditions when planning your trip. If you see flowing water, turn around or wait it out. If it is hot out, be sure to bring plenty of water. Do not leave animals or children unattended in your vehicle. Check the park’s Alerts & Conditions page for the latest information regarding the park. Visit our online shop and pick yourself up a hat, bandana, and/or a long sleeve shirt to help protect from sun damage.

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